Do you have the tools and knowledge to optimize your company’s performance?

Our customized training program is focused on the tools needed to improve processes, build effective management systems and strengthen management skills. It is designed to drive operational efficiency, supervisory performance and continuous improvement. The program focuses on enhancing skills via a combination of classroom lectures and application in the workplace. The modules are designed to ensure that participants use the performance tools and systems and adapt them to their work environment. The result is that your teams will drive continuous improvement by themselves.

A Future With Brooklin

Training Modules

The training program will be customized for you by selecting the most relevant modules based on the results of a Productivity Analysis.

Proactive Management

  • Understand the concept of Proactive Management and why it is desirable
  • Understand a framework for classifying Management time use
  • Understand how a Daily Schedule Control can increase Active Management
  • Understand how to design a Daily Schedule Control to be used in the department

Process Mapping

  • Understand how to construct a process map
  • Understand the types of losses that can occur in a process
  • Understand bottlenecks, rework and parallel processes
  • Understand how to create an opportunity list for improvements

Process Observations

  • Understand the reasons for performing process observations
  • Understand the reasons for lost time and how to identify opportunities
  • Understand how to establish performance standards
  • Understand how to conduct an observation and practice the technique in the workshop

Change Management

  • Recognize the important role that people play in making business transformation successful
  • Discuss the fundamental challenges in getting people to change sustainably
  • Understand and be able to apply the key steps required to successfully manage change
  • Know how to apply this to effectively manage a change in their area

Management System

  • Definition of a Management System
  • Overview of how system elements are used to manage a business
  • Importance of maintaining a closed loop continuous improvement process
  • Understanding of how the system is used to drive behavioural change

Software for Success/Process Efficiency

  • Workshop sessions to define and understand current software processes and opportunities
  • Identify errors, rework, parallel processes in front-line systems
  • Understand error-reduction techniques as well as tools and tips to address opportunities uncovered

Effective Meetings/Communication

  • Understand communication styles and methods and when to use them
  • Understand how to write effective communications and run effective meetings
  • Understand how to measure effectiveness and reduce administration burden

Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis
Introduce the basic problem-solving cycle and tools:

  • Pareto Analysis
  • Brainstorming
  • 5 Whys
  • Ishikawa (fishbone) Diagram
  • Decision Making

Operating Dashboards

  • Understand operating dashboards as management tools
  • How to create an operating dashboard
  • Understanding how to update and refresh operating dashboards
  • Define applicable key performance indicators

Developing KPIs

  • Understand what Key Performance Indications are
  • Developing and evaluating value adding KPIs in an organization

Lean & Theory of Constraint

  • Introduces the concepts of Lean Manufacturing and the use of Kaizen Blitz to achieve a Lean state through targeted management training and consulting

Five ‘S’

  • To introduce a methodology for keeping the workplace clean and organized
  • Sort - identify items that should and should not be in the work area
  • Straighten – organize the items that remain so they can be easily kept in order
  • Sweep – sweep and clean so defects are easy to find
  • Standardize – make Sort, Straighten, Sweep part of the daily routine
  • Sustain – make Five ‘S’ part of the culture

Setup Reduction

  • To introduce the concepts required for reducing setup or changeover time
  • A setup reduction process
  • Classification of setup activities into Internal and External
  • The new Setup vs. Batch Size paradigm

Error Reduction

  • Introduces the concepts of error prevention or Poka Yoke
  • The separation of cause and effect
  • The concept of error prevention vs detection
  • Error prevention devices
  • Simple language consideration and guidelines

Introduction to Active Selling

  • Reviews the types of activity carried out by Salespeople and involves participants in discussion of changes that can be made to increase Active selling
  • Reviews models of sales call structure to emphasize the importance of understanding customer needs and wants
  • Sales strategy development

Coordinator Leadership

  • Apply, sustain and improve the management system
  • Prepare procedures to aid in perpetuating the results and to serve as training guidelines in the future
  • Develop a follow-up audit schedule to monitor skills adoption and learning

Our Leaders

William Surphlis


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Brent Walters

Vice President of Operations/Founder

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Bill Cloke

Director of Operations and Training/Founder

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TJ Edmondson

Vice President/Founder

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Lori Surphlis

Director of People, Culture and Treasury/Founder

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Larisa Mazmanyan

Director of Strategy and Innovation/Founder

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Ken Kirk

Director of Partnerships/ Founder

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William Surphlis


Industrial Business Administration, Durham College, Queens

Over 180 engagements, Certified Lean, Six Sigma, Margin Management, Leadership and Strategic Improvement Coach.


Bill’s job is to support Brooklin’s vision to improve the standard of living in the world.

He started his career more than 30 years ago as a Junior Management Consultant and has been a partner in two consulting firms as well as an award-winning manager at Alexander Proudfoot.

For 17 years, Bill managed Grant Thornton Productivity Improvement where his team of consultants delivered consistently for their clients, in every province and territory in Canada. In addition to the Canadian projects, GTPI also worked in the US, Europe and China, when their Canadian clients had operations outside Canada.

Bill’s industry experience is vast, covering a large geography as one of Air Canada’s original million milers.

Bill strives to be at the forefront of technology, enabling clients to make the best use of data to manage operations. He has mentored many Master black belts and overseen process innovations which have truly made a difference.

Bill is an Industrial Engineer at heart. He relentlessly searches for ways to improve productivity, and to leverage his personal experiences and methodologies through his team of exceptional professionals.

Brent Walters

Vice President of Operations/Founder

BA - Trent, MBA - Athabasca

Over 75 engagements in Canada, US, Asia


Brent has been consulting for over 25 years and has experience working in most operating departments – sales, purchasing, planning, administration, scheduling, operations, warehousing and engineering.

Brent worked with three major international consulting companies prior to joining Brooklin Consulting. He has implemented productivity improvements in over 75 engagements throughout Canada, the United States and Asia. Brent has worked with well-branded companies in industries such as aerospace, hospitality and manufacturing. Always focused on sustainable financial results, Brent has helped his clients achieve millions of dollars inincreased profits.

Brent has also taught several university-level business courses to third-year graduate students at Seneca College and has an MBA from Athabasca University.

Bill Cloke

Director of Operations and Training/Founder

Eng. Physics – Queen’s, M. Eng. Mechanical – McMaster, CMC

Over 130 engagements, Training, Statistical Analysis, Lean


Bill is a Director of Operations & Training for Brooklin Consulting. He develops and delivers training programs and is responsible for building models to measure the results of improvement projects. He also helps determine operating parameters for statistical process control.

Bill’s career encompasses more than 35 years of experience in both consulting and line management. A seasoned facilitator and analyst, Bill has practical skills in operations improvement, logistics, Lean processing, strategic planning, training and statistical analysis.

Bill has worked on a wide variety of consulting projects, large and small, for both private and public sector clients, in many different industries. He was a Plant Manager in wire manufacturing and an Operations Manager at an aluminum plate mill. Bill has also been an instructor at Sheridan College in Ontario. Bill has improved operations in many manufacturing businesses but has a particular love for seafood operations – wild harvesting at sea, aquaculture and shore-side processing.

Michael Flemming

Vice President/Founder

HBA Richard Ivey School of Business, Certified Lean Six Sigma Black

Experience in aviation, steel, public works.


Michael is Vice President of Brooklin Consulting with experience managing both public and private sector engagements, including with large multinationals, family owned businesses, and non-profit organizations. He leads projects to execute strategy and improve productivity, working with both senior leaders and front-line employees. Michael has a passion for transformational leadership and loves working with people to help them get the most out of their operations.

Michael has managed several projects across many industries including insurance, aviation, benefits administration, manufacturing, real estate, consumer packaging, mechanical contracting and public works. He is skilled in business intelligence, operations improvement, margin management, strategic planning, organizational design and management training. Prior to Brooklin, Michael was a senior manager at Grant Thornton Productivity Improvement having worked across Canada in six provinces and two territories.

Michael graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business and is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

TJ Edmondson

Vice President/Founder

Lazaridis School of Business and Economics , Wilfrid Laurier

Experience in forestry, construction, distribution


As a Vice President and Founder of Brooklin Consulting, TJ is responsible for overseeing the execution of Brooklin’s ‘Structured Approach’ across client engagements. His practical skills in facilitating operational, strategic and behavioural change are proven to deliver both human capital and financial returns for his clients.

TJ works with all levels of his client’s management and front line team to install and facilitate initiatives on topics such as productivity improvement, margin management, strategic business planning, business integration, business intelligence, layout optimization, data analysis and analytics, and management training. He has completed engagements in a variety of industries including; professional sports, aviation, consumer packaging, distribution, financial services, food processing, forestry, manufacturing, mining, and real estate development.

TJ has worked with various types of organizations including large multinationals, Indigenous owned, public service, and family owned businesses.

TJ is a graduate in Economics from the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University. He served as a Governor and Senator on Wilfrid Laurier’s academic and operational governing bodies and was a member of the Students’ Union Board of Directors.

Lori Surphlis

Director of People, Culture and Treasury/Founder

BA Psychology, Sociology and Criminology Carleton University

Certified in Leadership with the Institute of Canadian Bankers


As Director of People, Culture and Treasury and Founder Lori ensures our policies truly represent best practices making us a preferred employer of top consulting talent.

Lori joined the bank after completing her studies at Carleton University and was quickly recognized as a leader taking on additional responsibility in her roles including Quality Circle Leadership and Branch Management.

Through studies at McMaster Lori successfully completed several finance and banking related courses to become certified by the Institute of Canadian Bankers in People and Team Management as well as Branch Compliance. After 7 years with TD Bank Lori left to raise 3 wonderful children.

Lori has been a leader in the community and a stalwart volunteer on numerous committees and working groups associated with raising funds for the school board. These dollars were used to support programs that had limited if any funding like the library, music programs and recreation equipment for the students.

With the launch of Brooklin Lori has taken firm control of our financial reporting and treasury but her passion is working to develop a culture that is supportive and inclusive while striving always for excellence.

Larisa Mazmanyan

Director of Strategy and Innovation/Founder

MBA, AUA College of Business and Economics

BSc, YSU School of Economics

Strategic Management and Leadership qualification, Chartered Fellow, Chartered Management Institute

Organisational strategy development and implementation, strategic planning, change strategies, valuation

Experience in North America, Europe and Asia


Larisa has 15 years of professional consulting and advisory experience across a range of industries and international markets.

Larisa has worked with enterprises ranging from entrepreneurial privately held businesses through to large listed multinationals. She has advised top-level management in areas such as strategy development and implementation, strategic planning, market entry strategies, change strategies and business valuations.

Larisa has held various leadership roles across multiple organizations over the last several years. As an avid community builder, she has been involved with a number of boards and charities, many which are focused on education.

Previously, Larisa served on the Quality Control Committee and Valuation Committee of Grant Thornton Consulting. At Grant Thornton she was part of international teams, leading cross-border projects across multiple service lines and markets.

Larisa holds an MBA in Finance and Accounting, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. She has received Chartered Fellow status, CMI qualification in Strategic Management and Leadership, and Chartered Manager award from the Chartered Management Institute in the UK.

Ken Kirk

Director of Partnerships/Founder

Business Administration Diploma, Humber College

Technology implementation, organizational transformations

Experience in Canada and the USA


Ken is a Director of Partnerships for Brooklin Consulting. He develops and strengthens partnerships with organizations seeking support in achieving their planned performance improvement goals.

Ken has 30 years of experience helping organizations in many different industries implement strategic solutions and achieve optimal performance. He incorporates the use of proven methods that have been honed and perfected over his years of professional leadership delivering strong business growth results. A professional that is guided by integrity and open to understanding alternative views in order to ensure a challenge or opportunity is approached in the most effective means possible.

Ken’s experience covers most regions of Canada and the USA. He has been involved in a wide variety of major projects that range from pure technology implementations to complete organizational transformations.

Ken’s passion is to be constantly improving life for humanity. His entire career has been rooted in solutions that make organizations more effective and better companies for their employees and clients. His personal commitment to this has been his support of charities that are focused on enhancing the lives of all people so that everyone has the basic necessities.