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Professional Development to make a positive impact

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The history

Training has always been and continues to be an important part of Brooklin Consulting's "Structured Approach" projects.

Leaders at every level need to continuously learn new skills and tools to make a positive impact on results – both to support organizational excellence and as professional development to advance individual careers.

The demand for individually paced, online professional education is high. It offers flexibility, reduced cost and lower environmental impact.

We at Brooklin Consulting are proud to introduce you to our latest professional development solution - Brooklin Academy!

Welcome to Brooklin Academy

Brooklin Academy is an exciting new training resource with over 65 self-paced courses that your team can access whenever and wherever they choose.

Our portal provides the required coursework, assignments, reading, and testing to earn a Certificate in a number of programs.

At each program level, we also provide formal Certification through project coaching, a final examination, and a confirmation of your ability to apply the tools in a real workplace situation.

Lean, Lean Six Sigma and Agile methodologies have stood the test of time as valuable approaches to continuous improvement.

Begin your journey

We are here to help you prosper! Follow your chosen learning path online on our portal or offline with an app.

Choose your program

▪  Lean - Continuous i mprovement m ethodology and tools.
▪  Lean Six Sigma - Lean plus the Six Sigma problem solving process with its statistics and graphical tools.
▪  Agile - Agile project management methodology and tools.
▪  Other - Coaching, SigmaXL, other programs, subscription.

Choose your program level

Lean or Lean Six Sigma Programs

▪  White Belt - Learn the fundamentals
▪  Yellow Belt - Gain deeper knowledge
▪  Green Belt - Access more tools
▪  Black Belt - For senior improvement practitioners
▪  Champion - For senior leaders supporting programs

Agile Project Management (PM) Programs

▪  Agile PM Professional - Agile PM principles and tools
▪  Agile PM Scrum Master - For Agile scrum masters
▪  Agile PM Product Owner - For Agile product owners

Program courses

  • Program Level
  • ▪  White Belt
  • ▪  Yellow Belt
  • ▪  Green Belt
  • ▪  Black Belt
  • ▪  Champion
  • Program Level
  • ▪  Agile PM
  • Lean
  • ▪  9 courses
  • ▪  19 courses
  • ▪  28 courses
  • ▪  38 courses
  • ▪  19 courses
  • Agile
  • ▪  9 courses
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • ▪  10 courses
  • ▪  27 courses
  • ▪  51 courses
  • ▪  60 courses
  • ▪  25 courses

Let’s connect and make a positive impact together!

Bill Cloke                         
Director of Training and Founder