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Making a positive impact in Warehousing and Distribution

Grow your margins in the face of changing market conditions

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At Brooklin Consulting, we work with industry leaders to help them overcome their unique business challenges, uncover their greatest opportunities, and achieve impactful results. With over 30 years of industry experience, we have worked in the warehousing and distribution industry in Canada, the US and worldwide.

How we do it

We can guarantee you will see measurable results for your unique business challenges. How do we make this claim?

At Brooklin Consulting we:

▪   Assess the current state, identifying revenue improvement and cost saving opportunities.
▪   Develop realistic and measurable goals and solutions.
▪   Implement improvements with your people.
▪   Sustain enhancements with a clear long-term strategy.

We use our ‘Structured Approach’ to foster change, train staff and help generate profits. We will work with your team every step of the way to enable your people to achieve long-term sustainable improvements.

What our clients have to say

We are proud to have supported these clients:

▪   Wallace & Carey Inc
▪   Midland Transportation
▪   Shoreland Transportation
▪   Sears Canada
▪   Swish Maintenance
▪   Alexander Moulding

▪   The Brick Warehouse
▪   Air Canada’s Stores
▪   Pro North Transportation
▪   TNT Expedited
▪   Golden Boy Foods
▪   Spinrite Yarns

What matters most: results

Through measurable results, we ensure your success is ongoing throughout the project and well beyond.

Our projects are tied to clearly defined improvements.

▪   Annual improvements achieved are often 3:1 ROI.
▪   Over 95% of our clients experience better than forecasted improvements.
▪  100% of our clients have agreed to be references.

Client results achieved with Brooklin Consulting

▪   Significantly increased labor productivity in warehouse, transportation, and customer service
▪   Significantly reduced outbound freight costs, gas and vehicle costs, central distribution warehouse costs
▪   Reduced overtime
▪   Optimized warehouse layout and picking procedures
▪   Optimized truck loading to maximize weight and volume usage
▪   Improved forecast accuracy and manufacturing attainment measures
▪   Installed work force scheduling and planning system
▪   Created customized mathematical algorithms for setting task standards within the distribution centre

“The targeted results on the projects were exceeded. Since the completion of the project, we have contracted the team to carry out additional working engagements” - Swish Maintenance

“We have greatly benefited from hands-on project management experience. With tools and techniques introduced through the consolidation, we have achieved $1M in savings.” - Golden Boy Foods

Make a positive impact

Let’s connect and make a positive impact together!

William Surphlis                       
President and Founder