Consultant Job Description

You will be given the responsibility to apply analytics and qualitative analysis to problems and play a role in solving them.  It will be your job to implement positive change. We find that individuals with a keen desire to be part of a team, working together to solve sometimes complex problems, and who have the work ethic and analytical skills, can succeed in this field.

Brooklin Consulting is a management consulting firm with over 30 years of worldwide experience in all leading industries. We are looking for Entry Level Management Consultants to join our team. As a Consultant at Brooklin, you will participate in aspects of our end-to-end process. You will help develop a plan to solve the client’s problems. You will execute the analysis and use data to generate insights and recommendations, moving the client to action. Achieving results for our clients is our key priority. While doing this, you will refine your interpersonal and people management skills.

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Duties & Responsibilities

Successful Consultants are recognized not only for their excellent analytical and interpersonal abilities, but also for their drive to find strategic solutions that translate into lasting results for their clients. New Consultants immediately join teams and become intimately involved in the formulation and implementation of strategic recommendations to improve the economic performance of their clients. Typical assignments include gathering data in the field, speaking with customers, performing financial analysis, preparing client presentations and working with clients to implement recommendations.


Candidates for the Consultant position should be highly motivated individuals who possess excellent analytical and interpersonal abilities, a keen business sense and strong academic record.

We select people with intelligence, integrity, passion and the ambition to make a mark. Then we develop and train them to reach their full potential.

We look for people who possess a high level of energy and a sincere desire to affect change in diverse industries on diverse client challenges. Generally, we are not looking for individuals with specific industry expertise.

MBA, BBA, and BA Economics graduates are both welcome to apply.

Application Process

Please submit your application, consisting of Cover Letter and Resume to Hiring Manager, [email protected]