Funding for Productivity Improvement

ACOA Business Development Program covers up to 75% of eligible costs.

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Interested in achieving greater profitability, increased competitiveness and improved productivity? The Business Development Program helps entrepreneurs launch, modernize and grow their businesses in Atlantic Canada.

Support for entrepreneurs

The program can help you finance your next expansion or start a new business. It helps existing companies get to the next level by supporting business growth activities. You could get an interest-free contribution to cover up to 75% of the costs for:

  ▪  staff training

  ▪  efficiency studies

  ▪  marketing/trade activities

  ▪  productivity improvements

  ▪  quality assurance

  ▪  environmental management systems

You could get up to 50% of the capital you need to grow your business or launch a new one.

Support for non-profits

ACOA helps non-profit organizations support Atlantic Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to grow, become more competitive, and increase productivity.
Your organization could receive support to help SMEs with:

  ▪  business counselling and advice

  ▪  training and specialized services

  ▪  networking opportunities

  ▪  research and development

  ▪  technology transfer

For more information on Atlantic Canada opportunities through the Government of Canada, click here.

Begin your journey

If you want to advance your business performance and achieve impactful results, Brooklin Consulting can help you. Our team of qualified professionals will conduct efficiency studies, productivity improvements, and training, and provide other services to help you achieve measurable financial and operating improvements. We will assess the current state of your business, identify key areas of improvement, and develop solutions and a strategy for long-term sustainable improvement. These solutions help achieve higher output and greater profitability.

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